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Saturday weather showed up for the opening day of the Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market with clear sunny skies that drew large crowds to seize the season’s sunshine.

The market was packed with cars, vendors and crowds ready to soak up the sun and buy seasonal produce after almost a full week of rain.

Katlyn Beddow was one of those people, ready to get out and enjoy her day with a friend to loop around the market and do some shopping, ending the morning at the coffee cart.

“I just saw on Facebook that it was opening day, so I was trying to get out,” she said.

Beddow said she usually makes a few trips to the market each season and was excited to start this one.

Although the couple noted that they had arrived a little late and that several vendors had already sold their wares, she said they still had a good time out of the house and planned to arrive a little more early on their next visit.

Suzanne Cecil White of Cecil Farms said the day was an exciting start to the season with crowds lining up at the gate before opening time.

“It’s been great,” she said. “We’ve been busy all day.”

Cecil White with his family sold farm produce at the market and a display of ferns, raw honey and strawberry jam was on display for market goers.

She said she had to call the farm twice to restock her supply from the market after selling.

“The sun is out, hallelujah. I think that always helps – to have the sun shining, especially at this time of year because people are excited to go out,” she said. “It was the perfect day to start the market.”

Lydia Gibson of Bluegrass Grazing said opening day was also very busy at her stand where she sold fresh meat.

Gibson said this is only the second year the company has participated in the market.

“It’s been a pretty good day, pretty steady,” she said. “It’s a classic and perfect opening market day.”


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