The humanoid robot Sophia enters the metaverse with “intelligent” NFTs

  • Humanoid sophie robot is now considering entering the metaverse with an animated version of herself.
  • An auction of 100 smart non-fungible (NFT) tokens will be launched as part of the initial play offer (IGO) for ‘Noah’s Ark’.
  • The auction will run over five days, with twenty iNFT being released one day at a time, from December 16 to 21.

Sophia, the humanoid robot who spoke to the United Nations (UN) and has Saudi citizenship, is now about to take another step forward by entering the metaverse. And his virtual world will be called Noah’s Ark.

iNFT flashing through different versions of Sophia beingAIbe IA

But Sophia is a robot. To enter the metaverse, she needs a digital version of herself – enter Sophia beingAI, a virtual animated version of the robot. In a video interaction between the two, the original Sophia didn’t seem to hesitate to have a virtual version of herself.

The company behind the two personalities, beingAI, plans to launch 100 smart non-fungible tokens (iNFTs) called in collaboration with Alethea AI. An NFT is said to be “intelligent” if it has its own Artificially Intelligent (AI) personality. In a gaming environment, these iNFTs can autonomously interact with people – much like in the movie
Free guy, with Ryan Reynolds.

Through my collaboration with David Hanson, I was inspired by his vision of creating a benevolent AI and deeply appreciate his trust to empower us to create Sophia beingAI as a parallel virtual existence of Sophia.

Statement from beingAI Co-Founder and CEO Jeanne Lim on the IGO Launch

Sophia’s iNFT collection is called “Sophia beingAI’s transmedia universe”. It will be featured on BinanceNFT’s Marketplace as part of an Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) slated to go live on December 16. The auction will run over five days, with twenty iNFTs released one day at a time, until December 21.

Sophia, the humanoid robot, has lived a more exciting life than most humans. In addition to being an internet celebrity, she has met prime ministers, movie stars, business leaders and spiritual leaders from all over the world while having traveled to over 50 countries.

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