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Indian women are catching up with their international counterparts in the beauty segment, as are Indian skincare brands.

The beauty industry in India has been on the rise for two decades with an increase in the number of households shifting to a more consumer lifestyle. The period between the late 90s and the 2000s saw many beauty brands disrupting the market. When this is O3+ set foot in the then fledgling industry.

Founded by Vineet Kapur, O3+ started its journey in 2004 from New Delhi to cater to the needs of the salon industry and assist beauticians by offering a premium range of skincare products for facial care.

Started as a small business, today O3+ has captured a decent market share for its products across India, making it a annual turnover of Rs 150 crore.

In an interaction with SMBStory, Vidur Kapurthe second-generation entrepreneur, talks about the brand’s journey and how it’s holding up in the industry.

The genesis

In the mid-1990s, Vineet Kapur was importing international skincare brands for Indian customers. He ran this business for about a decade when he realized the potential of creating a Made in India brand that matches international standards.

“My father imported brands from Europe. We all know that European standards for beauty products surpass everything. Being a cosmetologist himself, he thought of launching a house brand that would cater to Indian customers corresponding to their expectations of using international quality products. So in 2004 he launched O3+,” says Vidur.

O3+ has launched an Rs 1,500 facial kit, which has been showcased at beauty salons and salons. To cater to the mass segment, the brand also offered an affordable range, but Vidur says the aim was to make the premium ranges available even in non-metro cities.

Today, O3+ is trusted by over 50,000 salons of product lines ranging from facial kits to serums, masks, masks, toners, bleaches, peels, eye and hair care range and much more with a price range from Rs 155. The brand is present in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and is also successful in Dubai and Canada.

The company has an annual turnover of Rs 150 crore.

O3+ Headquarters

To follow

Natural beauty products are now in fashion. Indian customers have become more product conscious and are demanding more natural, organic and vegan products. O3+ has also known how to evolve with the times and was recently certified PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Vidur says the brand adheres to vegan formulations for its products.

“We also have a different product range where the products are blended in the concept of modern Ayurveda to serve our customers.”

For an industry that has a minimal barrier to entry and many local and international brands blazing their way into the market, Vidur says many brands enter the beauty industry every two to three years, but few between them are maintained in the long term.

fall into the likes of Lotus, Shehnaz HussainVidur says brands that have a long-term value chain are those that are peer to O3+.

Market scenario and future prospects

Since the start of the pandemic and the rise of the D2C (direct-to-consumer) wave, O3+ has also seen an increase in demand. Today, the brand works diligently to position itself online as a direct-to-consumer brand.

Vidur says that O3+ is currently available across India with deeper penetration in Tier 1 and 2 cities, it has linked with salons like Looks Salon, Chandigarh’s Tress Lounge chain, Eye Catchers chain , Kolkata and many more.

O3+ is also ready to bring more high-end lines to its customers and is also looking forward to partnering with high-end salons for its product offerings.

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