Top 10 YouTube Influencers in Africa by Country


To get a closer look at which African stars are dominating YouTube in their country, we took a look at Accredited Debt Relief’s ranking to see the most popular YouTuber in each country.

Accredited Debt Relief has compiled the most popular individual data of YouTubers in almost every country in the world using statistical websites Social blade and Vidooly to find out which YouTuber has the most subscribers.

To calculate each channel’s revenue, Accredited Debt Relief used banner label to find the average daily views for each channel and estimate how much it was earning using Noxinfluencerwhich estimates revenue based on views and subscribers.

Here is an overview of the most popular YouTubers in Africa based on country.

Oum Walid is Algeria’s largest and most subscribed YouTube channel on the continent. This cooking chain promises easy dishes (with controlled amounts!) for beginners and “all women”. A Mysterious Pair of Hands (the channel’s name means “Walid’s Mother”) presents lessons to over 7 million subscribers and potentially generates nearly $217,700 in monthly revenue.

Nigerian comedian, screenwriter and video producer Mark Angel is YouTube’s biggest earner in Nigeria. The Nigerian content creator, best known for the Mark Angel Comedy series on YouTube, has 6.3 million YouTube subscribers and potentially generates close to $326,800 in monthly revenue. Mark Angel Comedy received a plaque from YouTube for reaching one million subscriptions in 2017. He was the first Nigerian YouTuber to reach that milestone.

The Ahmed Hassan family is an Egyptian family famous for their short films, candid talks and comedy sketches. Ahmed Hassan launched the YouTube channel in September 2015 and has seen the YouTube channel grow to over 5 million subscribers. Her longtime romantic partner is fellow social media influencer Zenap Mohamed, and together they have a daughter, Aileen, who was born in 2019. The YouTube channel potentially brings in nearly $218,200 in monthly revenue.

Hussein and Zeinab are two talented children who sing and do fun things and exciting activities. Hussein and Zeinab’s channel caters to all ages, and the pair potentially gross around $184,700 a month on YouTube.

The Masaka Kids Africana includes many African children who have lost one or both parents to the devastation of war, famine and disease. They aim to empower children by mobilizing communities and supporting them in education and talents through their charming smiles and delicious African melodies, accompanied by vibrant dance moves. Their YouTube channel has amassed over one million subscribers, with estimated earnings of $103,600 said to be generated monthly.

Young Tubers is another channel that offers the best way to balance fun and learning for kids using the internet. The YouTube channel is ideal for parents who want to train their child and show them good manners and new experiences in life, as the channel regularly uploads videos for all aged children. All videos are HD quality and in English, and the channel potentially generates $63,100 in monthly revenue.

RakGhana is a YouTube channel that is gaining popularity with local audiences in Ghana – and Africa for its authentic and engaging entertaining content. With nearly 500,000 subscribers, the channel promises to deliver pure comedy to its audience while generating estimated monthly revenue of $12,600.

Kenyan comedian Henry Desagu is one of the people you can hardly ignore in the social media space in Africa. He is one of the most popular and famous Kenyan comedians and is well known for his unique style of comedy, which he regularly showcases in the videos he uploads.

He won the YouTube Silver Award in 2019 and can generate $8,800 in monthly revenue from his channel.

If you’re thinking of making your jewelry or need help finding inspiration for your next craft project, look no further. This channel is dedicated to the art of making jewelry and other crafts with short and simple video tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced. With over 80,000 subscribers, Shree Craft Place potentially generates around $11,000 in monthly revenue.

Shangazi Emma-Claudine is an inspirational female leader in the media sector in Rwanda, famous for her discussions on reproductive health, love, family planning, sex, marriage and youth counseling (teens and teens).

She has won various awards and accolades for her tremendous work reporting on reproductive health and population issues while amassing over 100,000 loyal subscribers to her YouTube channel. His channel potentially generates $2,900 in monthly revenue.


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