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ITASCA, Ill., June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the latest episode of Trending Today, which aired on Fox Business on Saturday June 25 at 5:30 PM EST, Media Monkey, a leader in the marketing industry, shares its customized solutions for the unique marketing needs of its clients. Watch to find out how Media Monkey can be your business’ one-stop-shop for digital and traditional marketing. This episode also introduces Media Monkey’s new Hazcom app, which uses a simple, user-friendly interface to provide an innovative alternative to traditional SDS document organization and storage. Filming will take place at the famed National Restaurant Association in Chicago!

Whether clients need a box of business cards or a bespoke website, Media Monkey provides comprehensive support and solutions to meet their client’s needs. “We have an innovative team and a list of capabilities that allow us to fill where our customers need us. Our core values ​​revolve around approaching our customers’ needs with a positive attitude, while considering the challenges of our customers as an opportunity to develop a unique solution and earn their trust along the way,” says Media Monkey’s Ernest Krause, Vice President of Sales. Media Monkey is proud to bring decades of experience, a team that values ​​creative problem solving, and results-driven solutions to serve their clients’ businesses. With a focus on innovative thinking, Media Monkey takes care of the packaging, logistics and communication to ensure clients’ goals and plans are executed as they intended.

Media Monkey’s Hazcom app improves business security by putting security knowledge at your fingertips. About the inspiration behind Hazcom, Krause says, “We wanted to give our customers a quick and easy-to-use app that houses their safety data. We know that when it comes to workplace safety, every second counts. The Hazcom app has given our customers one of the most user-friendly security tools available, and we’re always working on new ways to expand its offerings, so it’s not just a tool. useful security, but an all-encompassing security training resource. Our team’s willingness to research and understand our customers’ needs is a testament to the diversity of what Media Monkey is capable of.” This all-inclusive mobile app makes handling MSDS sheets easy as they are quickly accessible, instantly updated from the manufacturer, and effortlessly shared from a mobile device. Included features allow downloading of company standard safety practices, safety videos, tips and files, as well as quick and easy access to Poison Control. Trending Today Senior Producer Harris Plummer said, “At Trending Today, we value creative solutions that simplify the way businesses process important and necessary information in an efficient and innovative way.”

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Media Monkey has over 30 years of marketing experience, building a solid foundation of resources to deliver successful results to their clients. As a leader in the marketing industry, it focuses on unique, personalized and complete solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Learn more about

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Media Monkey’s Hazcom app is an all-inclusive mobile application that offers a simple and efficient interface, providing easy access to important security knowledge. While eliminating paper waste and keeping employees up to date with safety knowledge, the Hazcom app could replace current and traditional SDS sheets for businesses. Learn more about

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