US energy industry is best defense against Russian violence, Sen. Manchin tells CERAWeek in Houston


The U.S. energy industry is our best defense against Russian violence, “and by God, we better start using it,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, told CERAWeek by S&P Global on Friday. , the huge downtown energy conference.

He said the Defense Production Act should be used to mobilize the US energy industry “to meet the needs of the world.”

“I think it’s so serious,” he said.

The country is not moving fast enough to stabilize the market and help our overseas allies in Europe find alternative energy sources, he said. The separate branches of the US government must form a united front, “let go and let us go”.

“We’re not accelerating. That’s the problem,” he said, noting that he was exploring ways to use the legislation. “I have our attorneys working on it now.”

The Mountain Valley pipeline in his home state of West Virginia is nearing completion, he said, but has run into regulatory hurdles delaying the completion of the last 25 miles. “We will put 2 billion cubic feet per day (of gas) on the market.”

Regarding investments in the energy transition, Manchin said he favors hydrogen over electric vehicles because hydrogen can be produced and controlled here in the United States, while the resources needed to manufacture EV technology are controlled by China and others.

The war in Ukraine and Russian President Vladmir Putin’s moves to militarize his country’s energy sources prove the need for the United States to be energy independent, he said. “We should never be caught in this situation again.”

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