Why is SD-WAN a flexible option for your business?


Why is switching to an SD-WAN solution beneficial for your business?

Moving to FlexiWAN is a flexible option for several good reasons.

Software-defined WAN software provides fast business connections because it allows multiple high-bandwidth WAN links at the same time. It uses AI to control traffic and redirects the best performing link, increasing capacity and improving user experience for cloud-based and SaaS applications. Even if there is a change in the needs, like less/more bandwidth is needed in different applications, the software responds accordingly.

The software-defined wide area network has a secure design – end-to-end encrypted. It is an excellent base for access gateways or internal firewalls. It does not neglect additional security at the application or authentication level.

Software-defined wide area networking is underlay independent and can be quickly deployed and adjusted to customer needs. From a central dashboard, enterprise-wide connectivity can be managed, enabling complete network visibility across departments and branches. Depending on the situation, better network performance may be provided.

Latency-sensitive applications are deployed in the clouds to make the workforce more collaborative, agile and productive. The SD-WAN program has dynamic capabilities that can handle the complexities of multi-cloud environment.

The solution is a cheaper alternative to traditional MPLS. Companies have reduced costs by 40% when moving to SD-WAN. That’s because the solution lets you choose and mix carriers, hardware, technologies, and other network elements to meet your specific needs.

The software-defined wide area network solution leverages multiple network links to enhance the user experience. Thus, it improves the reliability of the website. His knack for mixing personalized and varied network links helps create safe networking. It eliminates concerns about network outages. Enterprise networks remain supercharged as well as more resilient and secure.

Bullish business impact

The software-defined wide area network can have a dramatic impact on business processes and ultimately results. It ensures that your brand services remain at peak levels all the time. There is no chance for a slight delay in response as it makes a difference between getting new leads and giving [losing] an opportunity to your competitors.

Network connectivity should be seen as the backbone of your company’s agile working environment. By using the SD-WAN solution, your organization will not only prepare for the future, but will also benefit from many new skills. It will provide an excellent return on investment!


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