Yorkshire Business Insider December 2021


New year, new hope

May each day of the New Year inspire you to grow! So an old saying goes. And it resonates more than ever as we move into 2022 and businesses seek to put the experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic firmly behind them and move forward with determination.

In this latest edition of the year, we assess the business functions in our Business Rebuild Plan. In the areas of finance, sales and marketing, energy consumption, IT and technology, real estate and premises and employment and human resources, we examine the opinion from regional industry experts and ask what opportunities the coming year might bring.

A key discussion in 2022 will be what to do with our cities and downtowns and that was the subject of two of our recent roundtables. You can read the panelists’ hopes and suggested solutions at the Foresight Roundtable and Real Estate Leaders Forum.

Restoring tired and unloved spaces will play an important role in making our urban areas more attractive and we are evaluating some notable success stories. Wakefield is a city evaluating its future building needs and we hear about local investments in our coverage.

The manufacturing sector deserves substantial coverage again as we hear about the food and drink sector and the state of SMEs in South Yorkshire. And we spoke to the PFF Group which actually thrived during the Covid era as its healthcare division addressed a nationwide need for personal protective equipment (PPE). Managing Director Kenton Robbins shares his ambitions for the future with us.

May I take this opportunity to wish all of our readers a very healthy, happy and well-deserved Christmas and New Year holidays and much prosperity for 2022.

Ian Leech, editor


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