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The July edition of Insider is traditionally one of the most read of the entire year. I’d like to think it’s because you’re all looking for amazing reading material filled with tips, profiles, data, and ideas for when you’re on the beach!

I suspect one reason is that this is the month we reveal the biggest businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber in our Top 500.

Our researcher Rob Mayfield ranks them on an average of profit to revenue.

Five hundred may seem like a huge number to list, but let’s remember that there are 512,000 businesses in our region. This year, we’ve put the Top 500 in context where they stack up against the Top 500 in our North West region, which stretches from Cheshire to Cumbria. Despite everything we hear about how business is going in Manchester, the average stats show there really isn’t much between us.

I also took a look at the newbies on the list and asked ten of their executives how important this region was to their operations. Their opinions were unequivocal and enjoyable to read.

Speaking of air business areas, the emergence of the Tees Valley has garnered a lot of attention. We take a rare peek outside our borders to see what’s going on there in our special guide. I know many business and political leaders here now see the Tees as serious competition. But in many ways, that must be a good thing.

There’s plenty more to enjoy in this magazine too, including Fiona Haran’s insight into Yorkshire Dealmakers’ flagship awards for the world of M&A, our monthly entrepreneur interview with Simon Mackaness, owner of luxury Rudding Park in Harrogate and a report from our property leaders forum on regeneration.

Don’t forget to send me photos of you reading Insider on distant beaches!

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