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Money, and how to earn it, is an overarching theme of October’s Insider.
This is the month we reveal the 100 richest business people here in Yorkshire and the Humber.

As Rich List writer Robert Watts tells us, many have amassed their wealth through hard work in unglamorous industries — areas that other ambitious young tycoons may have overlooked.

Biographies show that some made their fortunes selling tires, concrete blocks, pork and recycling train tracks. It’s always fascinating to read who had a stellar year and who the new entrants are.

Mergers and acquisitions could be a way to scale a business and accumulate wealth now in times of low growth. In our annual guide to corporate finance, experts tell Editor-in-Chief Fiona Haran what industry sectors are trending, what types of deals are popular, who’s acquiring, who’s selling and who’s financing.

The Yorkshire deals market has seen record value levels in deals over the past year, although deal volume has fallen in what has been a frenetic 2020-21. And while there are several headwinds, acquisitions will be a positive path for many companies, whether those aimed at adding customer base, market specialties or buying unloved assets. or underperforming.

And looking back on activity over the past 12 months, we present the shortlists for Insider’s Yorkshire Dealmakers Awards 2022. The flagship evening for the corporate finance community, to be held in Leeds on November 24, rewards the best deals and dealmakers. And it’s a great reminder of Yorkshire’s strength in financial and professional services and how these people contribute to economic growth here.

Ian Leech, Editor


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